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volunteer1Both our camps pride themselves on the fact that they are two of the few Church of the Brethren camps that staffs its camps solely with volunteers. No counselor, director, or pastor-in-residence is paid for thier time at camp. Our volunteers come to camp because they love camp and want to share their love of the Lord with children. Each camp has three volunteer roles:

  • Camp Director: The camp director is the person or persons who Camp Planning and Promotions have selected to provide overall leadership of the camp. The director has had several years of experience at Camp Galilee as a counselor and possibly as a camper. The director decides upon the weekly schedule, special programs, counselor teaching assignments, and many of the other daily decisions at camp. While at camp, the director serves as the “boss” over all counselors. Prior to camp, you should receive information from your director about the week, your assignments, and curriculum. If you have any questions or problems you should always see the camp director first. The camp director has a working relationship with the camp manager, and will handle any issues that may need to be brought to her/his attention. Usually, the director works “behind the scenes” making sure everything is running smoothly and preparing for programs. Some directors will serve as cabin counselors while others will stay in their own cabin for the week.
  • Pastor-in-Residence: Each camp will have a Pastor-in-Residence for the week of camp. The PIR comes from a church within the West Marva District, who has experience working with children either at camp and/or at their church. Most of the time, the PIR also serves as a cabin counselor during the week and participates in the weekly activities. The PIR is at camp to assist with the spiritual needs of the campers and counselors. If a child would like to talk about their faith journey or another issue, the PIR is there for that reason. Sometimes campers are more comfortable speaking with a counselor, and that’s OK. However, they should be encouraged to speak to/with the PIR. The PIR will also be available if a child decides to make a decision to accept Christ. This is a time that the PIR should be present. If a camper does accept Christ the PIR will notify the camper’s pastor at their church.  Many camps however, have more than one Pastor on staff for the week. Usually, these Pastors will also assist the PIR if any issues come up. The PIR will be one of the best resources you have at camp. Notify the local church when a camper makes a commitment to Christ or has a need of further counseling.
  • Counselors: counselors are with campers during all of their day to day activities and lead the cabin. Counselors will lead different activities during the camping program after talking with the Camp Director and deciding on which needs best fit their background and comfort level. You can find out more about counselors below:
  • Counselors-in-Training (CIT): Camp offers a program for youth to come to camp for a week and be a Counselor in Training (CIT). C.I.T.s must attend the C.I.T. training prior to attending camp (which happens at 2:00 the day of registration). Any C.I.T. who does not participate in the training, will not be permitted to stay at camp. The purpose of a C.I.T. is to observe and learn from the counselors on staff so that they gain the necessary skills and knowledge for their future in camp counseling. C.I.T.’s are not under any circumstance to leave camp property for things other than scheduled camp trips. C.I.T.s are only eligible to help with Primary and Junior Camps and must be at least 16 years of age.


Still want to know more information about the camp? Then check out our VERY detailed Camp Manual below.


Camp Counselor Q&A:

Am I too old to help with camp?

Absolutely not! We have counselors every year who range from thier 20s all the way into their 80s. Our Camp Directors are more than willing to work with you in terms of what you feel like you can or cannot do physically. All of the facilities are relatively close to each other. There are slight inclines from the center of camp to the cabins. We can always find someway to help and you don't ever need to worry about being on your own for an activity or in a cabin.....there will always be another counselor to lend a helping hand!

Do I have to volunteer for the whole week?

We feel that it is very important for counselors who volunteer for a week of camp to remain for the whole week. Much of this is because of the relationships that you build with campers as well as the responsibilities that your director has asked you to do for the week. If you dont feel like doing a whole week, directors are always looking for persons to lead Bible Studys, Crafts, Nature, and other special programs (mission trips etc.). Reach out to our Camp Manager if you have questions about this.

What will I do as a counselor at camp?

Each camp is a little bit different, however the responsibilities of counselors are relatively the same. Some of things that you will help with during the week include: supervising a cabin of your gender with another counselor, supervising your campers in the clean-up of their areas, helping or leading different activities which could include Morning Watch, Bible Study, Nature, Crafts, Vespers, Campfire, Recreation, or other things that you and your director decide upon. Most importantly you will be sharing God's love with campers and serving as a testimony of Christian faith.....and of course, having fun!

I'm coming to camp, but I still don't feel ready.

No worries. You will have to participate in a training that will answer all of your questions and explain everything in more detail. Most likely, the training will be held the Sunday of your camps start and you will be asked to arrive early to meet with other new counselors and the Camp Director. Ahead of time, you can view the Camp Counselor manual below that will clarify many things for you.

What does it cost for me to attend?

Absolutely NOTHING! Your week at camp is free. Not only is the week one of spiritual renewing for you, but also a week in which you get to touch the lives of campers from all over……oh and some wonderful home-cooked meals!

OK, I’m ready to sign up… do I do that?

If you have internet access, go to our website and fill out the counselor application. If not, call our Camp Manager Robby May at (252) 578-6993 and he will get you set up.

volunteer2If you are interested in serving as a camp counselor, please download a copy of the Counselor Application below. Also, please plan on attending a counselor training session. Counselors are required to attend a training of thier first summer volunteering and every five years thereafter.

If you are ages 16-18 and would like to help out for a week of camp, you can become a Counselor-in-Training (CIT). After applying (application below) and attending the mandatory CIT training, you will then be eligible to work eithier at Primary or Junior Camp.

Registration Sunday Training Schedule (for all camps at Camp Galilee)
3:00PM – C.I.T. Mandatory Training
4:00PM – New Counselor Training
5:00PM – Entire Camp Staff Gathers in Dining Hall for Meal and Announcements
6:00PM- Camper Registration Begins in Dining Hall

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