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The following is a Guest Editorial for this issue. It is written by Brother Noel Naff. Brother Noel is the Chairperson of the Virlina District Board, and the pastor of the Mount Hermon Church of the Brethren, in Bassett, VA.  KWE

We have arranged an opportunity for everyone in the District, especially those serving as Delegates to the 2016 Annual Conference in Greensboro, North Carolina this summer, to MEET THE MODERATOR.

We are planning to gather at the Keyser Church of the Brethren at 2:30 PM, Sunday, May 22.

comeandseeWe have been talking about the “Decade of Discipleship” for some months now. This emphasis is intended to help all of us focus more clearly on following Jesus. In the first chapter of John, we see persons coming to Jesus who would become his disciples as time went by.

feedinandfishinWe have all likely heard the proverb (not one of the Bible Proverbs) that states:

Give someone a fish, and they are fed for a day… Teach someone to fish, and they’ll never need to be fed again.”

As we think of Missions work, we all too often, in today’s churches, think in “either-or” thoughts, and very seldom in “both-and” thoughts. I feel that our mission is informed both by the Great Commandment and the Great Commission:

Greetings from the BBT Alert Desk, the IRS on Wednesday, Feb. 18, issued a new ruling regarding the Affordable Care Act.

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