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Nigeria Crisis Plan & Budget 2014-2015

Version 10-31-2014

This is a basic outline of planned activities for the remainder or 2014 and 2015. A longer term budget will be developed in 2015. With the rapidly changing crisis, this plan will continue to change to best address the needs of displaced people and the Church.

Goals & Objectives


Provide emergency shelter and household supplies for 300 displaced Nigerian families.

  • Rent or lease land for care centers

  • Build simple mud brick and tin shelters

  • Provide safe water and sanitation

  • Provide basic household supplies when needed


Provide emergency food rations for 10,000 families

  • Provide simple food rations for 6 months for each family

  • Provide hand tools for farming and vegetable seeds


Hire Nigerian Staff to implement this plan

  • EYN will hire and manage all Nigerian staff

  • 15 Relief officers

  • Cash for work type program to build shelters and distribute food and supplies


Strengthen EYN Peace Building by providing crisis counseling and training in trauma recovery and resiliency


Church Strengthening and Support

  • Support EYN in establishing new temporary headquarters

  • Support Kulp Bible College in relocation

  • Support church leadership with basic needs


US Staffing, travel and US volunteers

  • 1 US based Crisis Response Coordinator

  • 3 US volunteers working in Nigeria

  • Travel for staff and volunteers


New initiatives and other expenses


Total 2014-2015 Budget


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