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Developments  in  Nigeria: It’s time to Pray! 

Brothers and Sisters of  the West Marva District:

First,  here is a  LINK   (   to an online video  report that was just completed in the last week, as
videographer David  Sollenberger, and recently returned missionaries to Nigeria,  Carl and Roxanne  Hill were in Nigeria for two weeks assessing the situation  first  hand.  Many  of you have been  following the events in Nigeria. These events have a direct  effect to us as  Brethren since many, if not most, of the Christians affected  are members of EYN (The Church of  the Brethren in  Nigeria), and the Chibok girls that were kidnapped last  spring were abducted  from an EYN related facility.

It came as a surprise… at first. The message was from one of my earlier Church of the Brethren mentors…“I can't even pretend to hold a tradi- tional Brethren peace position any longer. Time to pray and confront savagery at the same time.”

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