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West Marva District represents a re-alignment and consolidation of what functioned formerly as the First District of West Virginia, the smaller group of churches known as the Second District of West Virginia and the Western Maryland District.  Each of these three districts can trace their roots back to the 1800’s, in fact the Beaver Run Church is known to be the ‘mother church” with Brethren families meeting in their homes before the log church was built in 1834 not far from Burlington, West Virginia.

Since West Marva officially came into existence in 1965, the District office has been located in Oakland, MD.  The home for the District Executive Minister and the office share the same location, all under one roof.  In 1965 the membership was reported to be 6,307.  There are now sixty three churches, three fellowships, and over 5,375 members within West Marva.  Seventy five ordained ministers serve these churches, as well as eleven licensed ministers and at least three lay speakers.

What to learn more about the history and people of the West Marva District?

west marva history book

Then you will want to purchase a copy of Allegheny Passage, an exhaustive history of the churches, families  and peoples of the West Marva District. After about a decade of being unavailable, this 2012 printing is now available. This valuable historical and genealogical treasure includes numerous corrections as well as errata sheets. This edition is further distinguished from the previous ones as it comes in a beautiful green color.

You can purchase one in person at the District Office or through Amazon.com.